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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Binding Clips

Binding Clips

I remembered that I'd purchased "binding clips" which are basically large hair clips and thought I would try them out. They are a lot easier on the fingers and fabric than pinning the binding. This is one extra tool that I happily saw benefits from and will use again.

Basically after machine sewing one side of the binding. I folded over the edge and used the clip to hold it in place while I hand sewed it to the back.


Carin said...

Did you know if you go to the dollar store you can get the hair clips usually 6 or 8 for a dollar and they work just as well :O)

Metanoia said...

The pack I bought had 30 clips for $6 I think, but I'd have to double check the price. I know it wasn't much, so I'm not complaining. They're great quality strong clips too! :)