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Friday, July 23, 2010

Steampunk Inspired

Steampunk inspired bag
Steampunk Inspired Design

I want a little bag to take a sketchbook with me and since I have been very inspired by a lot of old fashioned ideas recently I used a little of some fabrics I've been hoarding to put together a little bag. I've just started quilting it - I'm drawing out my design as I go using two paper template and a tailors chalk pencil, then stitching around the design on my machine. Perhaps I should have hand stitched it to make it look more rustic... It will be subtle, but hopefully an interesting touch to those who notice.

Would anyone be interested in some step by step's once it is done, including how to make a symetrical machine cog pattern very easily?

Has anyone got any advice to share on my reverse applique thoughts? Have you done any of these techniques?


laura said...

I would love a tut on making the cog. I am new to quilting and have a Baltimore Halloween top to do what is the chalk you are using because you really have nice clean lines. Do you just mark small areas at a time. I am thinking you are quilting with a regular machine and wouldn't the chalk rub off if you mark too big an area?

Fran said...

Please, what is Steampunk? A good white ceramic lead pencil is one made by Boehin. I use one for applique and love it - it doesn't dust off easily as chalk tends to do.

Ainead said...

Very cool idea!

If I was making this project I think I would probably do some of the quilting in a metallic gold thread - perhaps do a second smaller cog using a couch stitch with a thick gold or silver metallic thread.

I am pretty much useless on providing insights into reverse applique techniques... ;)

Metanoia said...

Half way through quilting this I thought hand stitching the quilting would give it a nice texture. Something to do next time Ainead :D

Pretty said...

I just came accross your quilt looking for steampunk Ideas I love it cant wait to see it finished and I would totaly buy a pattern from you!!

Metanoia said...

Thats great to know. I've been doing some more work on my steampunk quilt tonight actually!! I'll keep you posted.

Kristi said...

love this!!