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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to make a Symetrical Template

Steampunk Cog Template (step 6)

1. Take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it diagonally to create a triangle. Cut off the overlap so you are left with a square sheet of paper that is folded diagonally.

2. Fold your paper diagonally a second time.

3. Fold diagonally again. You might want to fold up one side then flip over and fold up the other side to reduce bulk and ensure all your folds are crisp and sharp.

4. To create a perfect circle, use a compas to carefully mark from the closest point. Put the point of the compass on the point which is the centre of your paper where all the folds come together.

(step 4)

5. Mark a design on the paper that you like. In this instance I'm making a cog, so I've used the compass to mark more circles then drawn some lines connecting them. I didn't draw the lines from the point as I want the joinin areas so be the same thickness all along, not thinner at the centre and wider at the edge.

(step 5)

6. Cut along the lines, then unfold - Just like making a paper snowflake when you were young!

7. Experiment!! Depending on how you fold will depend on your symmetry.

I used this method to create a shape and drew around it to create my cog design to follow when quilting. You could use any kind of fabric marker to transfer your design, and you know it is going to be symmetrical and look great!!

This creates a cog that is approximately 20cm wide. You could make it smaller or larger depending on the size of your paper.

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