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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Beginning of Hexagons

May was the last time I posted?! Well hasn't it been a while dear followers. I hope you are all well.

I'm not really sure what happened there. A little bit of lost mojo and a little bit of other creativity taking time, like drawing... but I can safely say I have done a fair bit of sewing the last couple of weeks and it is all hand sewing too!

I've been bitten by the hexagon bug. I tried to ignore it and work on other projects, but the call was too strong. Eventually I just cut the hexagon templates and they sat in a draw for a week, but again the pull was too strong and suddenly I had 50 hexagons basted.

I'll post some more progress over the coming weeks. These little babies are 1 inch hexagons and I'm starting off going through my stash and creating one of each fabric.


My Life In Quilts said...

These are so cute! Someday I hope to make some hexagons like this. They really look like fun. Do you use the plastic shape makers? If not, how do you do them? Inquiring minds want to know!

Metanoia said...

Hi My Life in Quilts. I used standard printer paper to make my own templates. Next post I'll give you some links to a fantastic pdf template you can print and cut out yourself and some tips on how you can make little hexagons fast and easy. It is quite a relaxing process when you get started! I'd love to see your hexies if you start making them too. Perhaps we can swap some fabric!! :)