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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hexagons... Meet Triangles

I've basted 150 hexagons now and as I've been sewing I've been putting a lot of thought into what I'm going to do with them. One thing I've been disappointed in is that I don't like how they look when they're laid out next to each other. The colours start to run into each other and it becomes harder to pick out the individual fabrics.

I may have found a pleasing solution which is even more insane than creating 1 inch hexagons.... and that is creating 1 inch triangles.

Those tiny things are 1 inch tirangles. They are created in the same method as the hexagons - by basting around a paper base. I can't fold the corners in as I have seen instructions show as the pieces become too bulky to achieve sharp corners. However folding in each side and basting seems to be working well and I am achieving the result I am after, even though they are a lot harder to make as they are so small.

I'll take a photo of a few pieces sewn together soon so you can see how my idea is panning out.


free indeed said...

I think it'll look fantastic and make the colors pop! You have more patience than I do!

Metanoia said...

I think it is going to look amazing, but these 1 inch triangles... eep!! XD