27/04/2013: Almost May already! This year is going so fast!
02/04/2013: Happy Easter. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.
01/01/2013: Happy New Year!!
24/12/2012: Merry Christmas!!
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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Projects in Sketches

Here are just some of the things I've been working on recently which are in various stages of completion. They're just the things that are on the top of the piles of concept sketches and half done projects on my desk at the moment. I like to call this design phase, though it often looks a little more like "procrastination phase".

The hen (small applique/pouch) is almost finished.
The skull (small purse) has been computerised and fabrics selected. (also seen in nov 2012)
The carousel horse (large tote bag) is in sketch stage only.
The tail... that was an idea I had last night which almost made me get out of bed at 2am to start working. It is an idea for a plush toy.

There are other things floating around my sewing room as well which keep getting put aside as I have new and exciting ideas. Do any of these spark your interest? What would you like to see finished? What would you most consider purchasing as a pattern?

At my day job we finally replaced the staff member that left in January so I can start relaxing into my new role and will hopefully be less exhausted now that I don't have to cover two positions anymore. I'm starting to get excited for the rest of this year but I really don't know how I got from January to April. The last 3 months are a blur!

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Monica said...

The little hen is really cute, so I'm looking forward to seeing that. I like the skull too.

I frequently have good ideas in the middle of the night. Apparently alpha brain waves, when you are slowing down, are also a more creative state. I keep a pen and paper by the bed, because often writing the idea down is the best way to get to sleep!