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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hexagons - not forgotten

I wanted to post an update on the neverending hexagon project. Last time I updated was on March 30, 2012 and I'd completed six 9x9 panels. This project started on August 31, 2011 so I'm into my second year but I've been working on it very sporadically.

As a reminder, this project is using 1 inch hexagons interspersed with1 inch triangles because I'm a crazy person. I really like the look of the 1 inch triangles with this design because it is show casing the coloured fabrics and allowing each to stand on its own without clashing too much with the other fabrics around it. The triangles also form little stars around each hexagon which I love.

I'm using the paper piecing method to give the best accuracy and the entire thing is hand sewn. One time saving trick is to use 2.5 inch squares instead of cutting fabric hexagons which gives you more control over basting your fabric onto the paper hexagons and saves on cutting time as you can cut squares quickly with a rotary cutter. To cut the fabric triangles I start with a strip then cut it into diamonds which are then cut in half. You need twice as many triangles as you do hexagons and the triangles aren't as much fun to make so I tend to make them as I'm stitching the 9x9 panels together.

At the moment I'm just finishing up my 9th panel - yes in the last 12 months I've only added 3 more panels to my collection... how lazy of me! I don't know how big the finished quilt is going to be or how many 9x9 panels I need to make but I do know every coloured hexagon is going to be different. I've accumulated quite a lot of 2.5" squares as I take a little sample out of every fabric I've used and had some awesome friends send me some of their fabrics as well.

Back in 2011 I posted a link to the template sheets I was using but it seems they've now disappeared from the internet. Here are fresh links for your reference, but if these links break feel free to comment as I have copies saved to my computer as well.
- One Inch Hexagons
- One Inch Triangles


Monica said...

I know, these projects take forever, don't they? It looks great, though! I've also sewn together a few of my Texas Stars, just to see how they look. Personally, I think the bigger the better with these, it just increases the impact of all those small pieces. If yours is a true charm quilt as well, that will be even better! Onwards!

Metanoia said...

for-eee-verrrr!! yes it is taking a long time and even hours of work is not a great deal of progress. I will do a lot of work, and then it will sit for months with nothing happening.
It is a true charm quilt at the moment and hopefully I don't accidentally double up any of the fabrics, though I have read that traditionally they have 2 pieces that are the same as a game to see if you can spot them. I don't know how I'm going to keep track of that, but maybe I'll take photos of each block so I can go through an album if I need to check later on.
This is one quilt I'd actually consider paying to have professionally quilted as well. I think it would be worth the money since it is a lot of time and effort. I want at least single bed size, though this might have to hang on the wall instead of going on the bed... it is so much effort.