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Saturday, September 19, 2009

A New Beginning

William Morris Cats
William Morris Cats

Another beginning and this time the key themes are blue and cats. I purchased the cat fabric from an ebay seller and am absolutely delighted at the quality of this print. The small blocks are almost perfect 3" squares, and their imperfection is only noticable when you're trying to measure.

This block was my test piece to see if the rich dark blue was going to be too much or just right, but I have now completed 8 blocks. I think the next round will be the blue patterned material you see in the photo, and then each block will be highlighted by cream. You'll see what I mean as I progress. I've bought so many other blue fabrics trying to work this out, but I don't think I'll use them now! Whoops!!

I have been playing around with designs for a couple of months trying to work these gorgeous blocks into a design with a larger centre piece and I think I've finally decided on something that I like. I will be "making it up as I go along" however as I have never done anything like it and I don't have any instructions to guide my piecing. I will take what I know, a pinch of good luck, and hope for the best! Over the next month or so I am hoping to get a lot done on this quilt top so I hope you will stop back to see my progress!

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