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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Second and Third Borders

Second borders
Second Border

The next round of borders include cream corners which were time consuming to construct. The previous round had to be trimmed so that it would end up a 5" square and then everything needed to be lined up and sewn as accurately as possible. It isn't perfect as I am a millimetre out in places... but I hope it is good enough! I have used the unpicker too many times on this round to be too fussy!

The next stage of my design is a cream border. This is my "make it up as I go along" construction technique. I have a "pattern" that I created in Photoshop that I can refer to, but there are some parts where I am still wondering where to add seams to construct what I have designed. I seem to have a habit of selecting complex projects.

Third Border
Third Border

And here is border three! It went on a little quicker than the last and now I am working on the conundrum that is the centre piece. It may be a little longer before the next update!...

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