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Sunday, November 22, 2009

My creative space

Sewing Room (aka badly stitched panorama)
My (clean) creative space

After a fortnight of extremely hot weather my house is a complete mess, so it has been a spring cleaning weekend. My sewing room has been looking extremely messy as I have had a couple of deadlines and haven't been cleaning up after projects.

So since it is so clean at the moment I thought I would take a photo and ask you all... what is your creative space like? Do you have a dedicated room or do you take over the dining room and have to pack up each day?

Now that my room is clean again I am once again resolving to clean up as I go and try and keep it clean. I wonder how long that will last...

I had to take three photos to get in my myriad of desks and this is those photos stitched together giving you an almost 180 degree view. There isn't anything at all in the opposite corner (where I'm standing) because I like the uncluttered room and lots of space. If you click the photo you can have a look at some of the notes on what you're seeing.


Karen said...

A excellent creative space!

Metanoia said...

Thanks very much. It is a little messy again with two projects going at once and too much fabric spread out again.