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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Toy - 1/4" Foot

Sewing Machine Feet
Sewing Machine Feet

I have a new toy to play with! I am saving it until after I've finished my current projects though so it can have a fresh start. The foot on the right is the one I normally use. It has a centre guide line and a line that is good enough for a 1/4" however it is not always perfect... I am getting better though.

The foot on the left is a specially designed 1/4" foot for my Janome. I bought it on ebay because (unfortunately) it was half the price of the ones I could get from my local store. The black guide bar on the right of the foot allows the fabric to be guided through easily and on my test piece I had a perfect 1/4" seam over a 5" length! I didn't even have to think about guiding the fabric accurately.

I'm sure this foot is going to make things easier. Perhaps I should just start using it straight away, although I have it in my head that if I do that now my current quilts will end up with an obvious difference in them - a perfect half and a not so perfect half. I am probably just being silly though!


Anonymous said...

You'll just love your 1/4" foot. I know that I can't live without mine, now that I've used it!

Bethany said...

If you are worried about it..set your stitch to match what you currently have and still use the foot as a guide.

SewCalGal said...

Great post. And I appreciate you sharing you found a good deal on eBay...any chance I you could share your ebay source? I'd also love to read more post about your favorite Janome feet. Great topic..I just don't have much expertise in this area (beyone my 1/4" foot).


Metanoia said...

Sure! The seller was Cynthia Craft (Victoria, Australia) who have a great range of feet for various machines. I think it was $18 incl postage to me for the foot, but about $30 in the store, hence my decision. They also have a stitch in the ditch foot that I am curious about too, which I saw for $40 in the local store.

Of the feet that came with my machine, I usually toss up between foot A and foot F - A is in the pic, which is an all purpose foot. F is an applique foot and is made entirely of clear plastic.