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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Omiyage Fabric Selection

Picture 835
Robert Kauffman - Imperial Collection

This is the fabric I used on the Pinecone Omiyage. As you can see there are quite a few different elements to this fabric and I carefully selected different focus points for each square. I actually cut quite a few extra squares of this fabric and then selected the ones that featured nice sections of the design and balanced the colours with the black and maroon.

Unknown Fabric Designer

Unfortunately I can't tell you who makes this fabric. I found this in the oriental section of my local fantastic quilt fabric store. I also found a purple colourway when I was at the 2010 Quilt & Craft Fair and bought a fat quarter of it. This pink colourway was used to make the Sakura Omiyage. I really loved each of the motifs - the turtles, cranes, sakura blossoms and oriental dragons, and I tried to pick out one of these motifs on each of the Sakura Omiyage petals.

Please comment if you recognise this fabric so I can note who the designer is.

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