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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Because side projects and hobbies are important!

... but is there such a thing as "too much"?

I feel like every week I add a new thing to my list of things I'd like to do when I get home from my day job. Do you do this too or are you content with picking one hobby and sticking to it?

I wonder sometimes if I'm overdoing it. Actually I wonder that a lot and sometimes I burn out and have a week of procrastination... or two. And I'll procrastinate about everything! I won't sew, draw, or even exercise. I'll plonk myself infront of the television or computer, but I won't blog, I won't even read blogs. I'll do nothing.

What a waste of time! However, I think these weeks are my body and brain going "critical mass reached, system shutdown initiated..... rebooting brain"

Well I've had a couple of weeks like this and now I'm back at things with a fresh frenzy. The unfortunate thing is that during these weeks of nothing I have a tendency to come out of it with a dozen brand new ideas which I must try NOW.

ATC Swaps is a perfect example of this. This is actually a a bit of fun. I'm justifying it as my excuse to make a mess and get dirty with things I don't usually use in my art. The pieces are so small that it only takes me an hour or two to follow a tangent and them I'm free to go back to my bigger projects. What a great load of justification right there... of course I haven't mentioned the number of hours I've put into setting up the new blog and planning out a few months worth of small projects, or the fact that I want to make all these little projects NOW, not in a few months.

My Sketchbook Project is another perfect example. I didn't quite get through the last 30 day challenge, but I did learn a number of things and gained confidence. I am itching to start another one, but know I should wait a little longer. Maybe I'll start May 1. I'll let you all know.

I *need* to make things right now. I *need* to be doing things with my hands. This week I've made 3 ATCs, all our wedding "save the dates", jumped on my exercise bike every day, been super productive and up to date at work... I've been shunning the television and the internet, I've been walking to the shops instead of driving, I've been cuddling chickens. Anything that gets me moving, making, creating, observing - the senses scream for stimulation!!

Most of all I have ideas and not enough time. I know the burn out will be back in a week or two so I'm doing as much as I can while my enthusiasm is high. Another positive to my creative side is that daylight savings is over. I tend to focus better in the evening when it is dark as I don't feel that I'm "wasting" a beautiful day indoors. The downside is less daylight means less time to cuddle my chickens because they go to sleep just after I get home from work. But at least I can get started on projects by 7-8pm instead of just coming inside from outdoors some nights at around 9pm in the summer.

Well it is good to get all that out. I need to create, create, create!! What are you working on right now? Send me a link to your current project if you've got a blog entry!

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