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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Electronics and... Sewing?

What on earth has this got to do with sewing?? Well now that my basic circuit is working and I know how to put the batteries into those neat little battery holders I am going to start working on an electro-textiles project.

Electro-textiles started with wearable computers and surface mounted displays and has evolved into conductive threads and yarns which can enable you to build an electronic circuit in your textile garment or object. To me, conductive thread just sounds fascinating and I knew when I discovered it about a year ago that it was something I wanted to play with at some stage.

I've finally got myself some conductive thread which I am going to use to sew a circuit into an art piece to enable LED lights to light up when the switch is turned on. I decided to build a switch into my project to make it more convenient than having to remove the battery from the holder each time you want to turn the LEDs off.

There are a number of applications where electro-textiles are being used today. Many costumers are beginning to use LEDs in their projects, but on a more practical level people in colder climates are using conductive thread sewn into the fingertips of their gloves in order to use touch screens on computers and mobile phones while staying warm.

Well I am off to continue on with my project. I need to finish the base before I can start sewing in my LEDs and I am eager to see this one finished!!

Have you had a play with electro-textiles? Or can you think of some nifty applications for this emerging technology?


Ingrid said...

Good luck on the electronics. Something I started for a project a while ago I really should pull it out and finish.
Will have to read further back and see if you posted the fibre piece it is for.

Metanoia said...

Hi Ingrid. I've finally finished the piece this was for. I'll post up a new entry under the elecrotextiles heading!