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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RGB Fast Flash LEDs

One of the things that has been suggested in response to some of the e-textile projects I've been working on recently is the addition of flashing lights. LEDs that have built in flashing ability are the easiest way to achieve this result. Years ago a capacitor and other components would need to be added to build a circuit which makes the LED flash, however with improvements in LED technology not only are we seeing different colours, but also these little all in one flashing LEDs which just need to be connected to a battery and off they go. That means our circuit can be simple and less bulky while achieving almost the same result - the difference is we have no control over the speed as it is inbuilt into the LED.

My camera doesn't like taking a video in the dark and had trouble focusing, but hopefully this gives you a great idea of the colours and speed. I had another cool electronic gadget to show you but my camera batteries died between taking the video and getting it to the computer so that will have to wait until batteries are recharged.


Monica said...

Seriously, that is pretty cool! I didn't know they could flash in different colours.

I am keen to see how you plan to use them! :)

Metanoia said...

You can get a couple of different colour combinations. Just about all colours can come as plain or flashing on and off, then from two colours you can get most colours and red (ie blue/red or green/red, etc), then there are RGB flashers. I think the colour combinations in flashing LEDs are dependent on the active ingredients and voltage. Perhaps I should write more about LEDs