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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Chicken Purse

Chicken Purse

This weekend I've been thinking a lot about chickens as one of our girls has a broken wing. So its not surprising that a chicken appeared in my sewing this weekend.

This little purse has been made into a pattern and is now in my brand new shop! Head over to Happy Bobbin to check it out. I ended up making two little chicken purses as I was testing the pattern. If you'd like one they're both for sale too. I also have a blog specifically for my shop here which will be updated as I add new patterns.

If you were to purchase a quilting or quilt related pattern for anything in the world what would you want?

My style is quite ecclectic and unique. I'm currently working on turning all my steampunk blocks into patterns and have a few more ideas in my sketchbook too.

If you also like stitching why not check out another free resource I'm working on. Free Sampler Patterns is hosting a great little range of cross stitch designs perfect for small motifs or making your own custom sampler.

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