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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sewline Mechanical Pencil

Trying Sewline Pencil
Sewline pencil comparisson

The Sewline mechanical pencil is something that Leah Day from Free Motion Quilting uses and recommends and right before purchasing one from her online store I spotted them in a local shop near my workplace and grabbed one as the price was comparable.

The first thing I did is try it out on some black cotton fabric alongside my usual dress-makers pencil. As you can see from the photo (click to enlarge) the top seven lines from the Sewline pencil are sharper and darker than the dress-makers pencil which I am always sharpening. The eraser on top of the Sewline pencil is good for erasing those lines, but I have not had much need of it. The lines also erase in water. I've had some lines rub off while handling and thankfully this isn't a problem with the Sewline. The lines become a little lighter with excessive handling while hand sewing, but still hold on very well.

For AU$16.95 the Sewline mechanical pencil is not the cheapest accessory I've bought, but I don't know how I've lived without it. I usually use a lot of darker colours so the white is perfect for me, however it also comes in green and pink with refills available for all colours. I've also seen yellow and black/grey online, but not in local stores.

If you're in South Australia I've now discovered two stores who stock the Sewline range of pencils, and fabric glue. In Adelaide, the Button Bar in Adelaide Arcade, or just to the South, Tricia's Discount Fabric near Castle Plaza. If you're in America you should try Leah Day who stocks all 5 colours for US$12.95.

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