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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Problem after problem...

I've had multiple troubles up to this point and just when I thought I was on track another issue. I said last time I was disappointed by the lack of instructions, well it has pulled me up again and perhaps it is partly my fault for not studying the photo and perhaps drawing my own block diagram... not that it should be necessary to do this with instructions from a book!

The first picture is the placement the blocks should have according to the book. Can you see my issue? I sewed my traingles together to form half hexagons along the flat, not the point. The entirity of the instructions you get for this part is "pin and sew the centre seam of the triangles together in spot/stripe pairs and then in sets to form six full hexagons and four half hexagons"... I guess I choose a different "centre seam" to what they did since I paired them on the upright edge, not the diagonal edge, and therefore as you can see from my half hexagons... they're not the right shape.

In addition to this I redid my blue block so that all my centre small hexagons were going the same way, with flat sides lined up to flats. Now after examining the quilt picture again I can see why I made an error on my blue block because they made the same error themselves and didn't fix it! Most of their blocks are matched flat side to flat, but the top left block which you tend to look at first is not, and they made the same mistake in the corners too where one is on point and the rest show flats. Have a look at the photo and see for yourself!! What I should have done is fussy cut my blocks so the points would be up, not the flat...

So what I have now are 6 blocks, with the central hexagon lined up so that everything is right way up only if they're positioned as per the second picture at the top there. If I line them up as per the book then the central blocks are slightly skewed... and I know it is a baby quilt, but my OCD streak still wants it to be perfect!!

At this point I'm tempted to make it square and align it so my blocks are the right way up and not like the book because I'm just not liking how it looks in my picture 2 up there with all the colour very central. That means it would end up being about 110cm square (43") and something like this...

I've been contemplating this for about an hour now (or really since last night when I discovered the issue) so I think it is time to take myself for a walk and try and decide what to do so I can get this project moving again. What would you do??

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