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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tricia's Discount Fabrics

I get a lot of visits for those of you looking for Tricia's Discount Fabrics from a previous post back in 2009 so I thought I'd do an update since she doesn't have a website for this wonderful store. PS. If you're listening Tricia and want to take the plunge into the web my offer to help is still open. Give me a buzz at Happy Bobbin.

This is definitely a store you want to check out! She has an absolutely jam packed store which is a true delight, but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the choices. I keep forgetting to photograph the store itself, but In My Neck of the Woods blog has done just that and if you want to see any of these larger, head over to her blog.

This is only a fraction of what is to offer. The warehouse style building has two huge rooms and a smaller side room filled with fabric. It is literally wall to wall and organised not only by colour, but there are seperate sections for novelty, asian inspired, historic reproductions and a full wall of batiks. Tricia is always friendly and happy to help you find what you're after if you need help. She also has many local groups and teachers using the other rooms there for classes and workshops, so ask her about that if you're interested.

Her prices range from around $16-30/m but most fabric you will find is around the $20/m mark. I've found this is generally cheaper than other quilting stores and she has such an amazing range!

Find her opposite Castle Plaza, just off South Road in Adelaide, South Australia. Her address is: Tricias Discount Fabrics, 11-13 Price St, Melrose Park, SA 5039. She is also just around the corner from a Spotlight if you wanted to kill two birds with one stone!

Her opening hours are currently mon-fri 9-5, sat 9-3, sun 11-2.

Just about every project since I found this shop in 2009 has fabric purchased from her in it. I recently purchased the gorgeous Australian animals fabric for my latest project and I'm sure a few of the other fabrics I pulled out of my stash for it came from her shop too.

You won't be disappointed by her range or her prices and it is definately worth the trip even if you are a bit further away. I have to drive about 40 minutes to get to her store, but I never come away empty handed!

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