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Friday, March 30, 2012

Little Hexagons

Now an update on the one inch hexagons! Last time we really talked about these was December 20... Three months later and I've completed 3 more diamonds, taking my total up to 6 diamond blocks completed.

I've taken a picture here with them placed so they're touching to get an idea of the overall look and with one a little seperate so you can see the individual block as well. The white threads you can see are my basting stitches which hold the paper templates in place. These will be removed eventually.

I really enjoy making these when I want something mindless to do. I have a heap of hexagons already basted, so I baste a few triangles, then sew them to the hexagons on two sides to form diamonds, then sew 9 of these together to make the larger 3x3 diamond blocks. Being a 1" hexagon means that not only is the flat of the hexagon 1 inches long, but the equilateral triangle also has 1 inch sides as well. They're quite tiny!

I'm aiming for this to be a true charm quilt with every hexagon fabric being different. Once I get to the end I plan to slip in one duplicate (if I don't accidentally do this in the mean time...) just like I've read should be done on charm quilts so it makes it like a hide and seek game. Here is a little history about charm quilts.

I started this quilt on August 31 2011... this is going to take a while to finish!!

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