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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Space Invader Wall Hanging

Another finish today and I must say I didn't realise I've been putting this one off since 2009! Terrible!!

This project had been quilted, but still needed trimming and binding. It took most of the day today to get it squared and trimmed due to its odd size and then to work out how big to make my hanging tabs for the top and bottom. A little tweaking was needed there because I made them a little too big and because the hanging is supported top and bottom it was floppy in the middle.

Once I got it hanging correctly I tried out the machine binding tutorial I mentioned back in 2009 as well but hadn't tried due to a lack of a suitable project. It went reasonably well with only a couple of errors which I had to go back and fix. The good thing about black on black is noone will notice!

I think it looks pretty good hanging on the door. It is replacing a lace curtain which we usually cover with a solid curtain in Winter as a lot of heat escapes through the glass window in the door.

If you like space invaders you can get a pattern for piecing the red invader free. I'll be working on patterns for the other guys and the tank gun soon!


Margaret said...

I'm glad that I am not the only one that has a lot of UFO's ... looks fabulous! Worth the wait!

Metanoia said...

yeah. I have a shameful amount and get told off when I start new things anyway. It's good to get one done!!