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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spoonflower Custom Fabric

Cat Fabrics

I discovered Spoonflower a couple of months ago and it gave me a great idea. I could get a print of my Nanna's cat and include him in a handmade quilt for her as a Christmas gift. Today I received the fabric in the mail.

It cost me AU$18 for printing and postage for one fat quarter in quilter's weight cotton. Now that I can see the printing I would suggest that if you are getting a photographic print to reduce the amount of colours in an image editing program first before you order. The actual ordering system of Spoonflower is great, allowing you to change the size and alignment of your image and even tile it and preview how it will look before you continue. They also have an online system that updates when your order is processed and sent so you are always informed of the progress.

The other fabrics you see here are some William Morris small 3" cat squares in blue and pink, some additional cat squares and some cat prints from Debbie Mumm. I'm hoping to create a blue tonal quilt with the photo as a centre piece and red/pink highlights.

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