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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Chicken Purse

Chicken Bag
Chicken Purse

I found this adorable bag pattern online and had to have one to go with my love of chickens. It cost me $2.60 to make after buying a zip and going through my stash.

If you would like to make your own chicken, I found the pattern at whipup.net. It is a scan from a Japanese magazine, so you may have to redraw a pattern a couple of times until you get it the right size and there are no English instructions.

So that there are no unfinished seams inside the bag I made mine in a particular way, so it took me yesterday and today to complete this project.

To attach the zip I attached fabric to either side of the zip as you would a quilt binding. Then I made a tube of fabric, folded in one end and pushed the end of the zip into it, stitching it in place. I then stitched each side of my fabric tube and zip to a pre-prepared chicken body and once I had both sides sewn on bar 1cm I did the same treatment to the other side of the zip so that it is fully enclosed.

For the other parts the pictures should be enough to get you by, however I changed the wings and made them into little pockets. My bag turned out slightly bigger than the instructions at 11cm x 9cm which I put down to having to get a 12cm zip and size accordingly instead of the 9cm one recommended.

Chicken Bag
Better view of zip

If you make a chicken pouch come back and show me!!


Leigh said...

Sooo cute! Might try and wing it and adapt a pattern for a little square pouch...

Kim said...

That is one cool chick;D

Metanoia said...

Thanks guys. If you do make a square on Leigh come back and show me!!

jean said...

I cannot finf the Chicken Purse pattern on the whipitup site can you hellp me or even trace yours off and sell me a copy? j63pup@yahoo.com, or 1662-369-0929-.
I really would love to have this pattern thank you for whatever you do

Metanoia said...

Hi Jean,
This is the pattern I used as per the link in the post: http://www.tinygarden.cn/upload/tuzhi/60cb.jpg
The image still loads for me. It tells you in the japanese instructions how big to make the band for the zip. All the numbers will be in centimetres.