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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sewing Kit

Sewing Set
Sewing Kit

This is something I made several months ago as a gift for a dear friend. I found it in my flickr gallery and thought it was about time I posted about it.

I created the bag from scratch with my own made up pattern. The base is the size of a CD and actually has a CD between the fabric for stability as a solid bottom. However I found an extremely similar pattern for you with the only difference being the way the handles were attached.

The other opjects pictured are a small notebook with embroidered monogram, pincushion, needlebook and accessory or thimble keeper. I also made a covered tape measure which is not pictured. All the items fit neatly into the bag which also has some pockets inside to stay organised. I especially loved the little red embroidery scissors and was tempted to keep them for myself.

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free indeed said...

That is an adorable kit! I'd love one for me! Wish I had a quilter friend or family member....oh well, will have to give it to myself...thanks for the link to the pattern...I like yours better and that's a great idea with the cd in the bottom.