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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Piecing Triangles

Triangle Experiment

I've seen the beautiful triangle quilts with hundreds of little triangles joined together and arranged by colour to create beautiful patterns. This is my experiment piece. It is harder than it looks!

To create this square I started with a small pile of 3" squares cut from scraps of various projects. I paired each blue square with a green square and drew a guide line along the diagonal. Then I stitched 1/4" either side of the line, cut down the line and pressed each square open.

The difficult part I found is that the squares had to be SO ACCURATE! Otherwise the pattern made from the colours doesn't line up properly. I absolutely love how it turns out though, so I think that once I have had a little more practice with piecing I will give this another go and try a larger project. I have a vision of a lot of bright colours pieced together to form squares like this to use up all the little scraps I'm saving up.

Beautiful Triangles by Red Pepper Quilts
Yeah! This is what we can aim for :D


SewCalGal said...

Oooh. Great experiment. Lve the play wit colors I've always enjoyed this design and the fun you can have playing with variations. You've created some fun layouts.


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. I am piecing a quilt like the above of Rita's for my son at the moment.

Metanoia said...

SewCalGal - So true. Lately I've been looking at a lot of blocks and how they're made... invariably it comes down to position of triagles!

Metanoia said...

sewkatiedid - I'll keep an eye on your blog for pics. Love the cushions you made recently!