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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Embroidering Doodles

Nyan cat is taking a little rest while I wait for the postman to deliver a special addition for it. I am a little impatient to get it finished, but in the meantime I am making a start on something else...

This is a little bit of embroidery. It is only 2" wide and at the moment I dont' have much of a plan. I stared with a couple of drawings but then changed my mind and just started stitching. I'm not entirely sure where this stitching is going except that it is going to be a great "you design it" e-textile pattern. You'll add your own ideas to the embroidered part then take my instructions for adding three LEDs to the design. It will hopefully be a great way to take the plunge with conductive thread without breaking the bank.

So I'm not worrying too much about wonky lines and while I'm mostly using backstitch I've also thrown in some detached chain and french knots so far. I'm sticking to three colours and I've marked where I want to put the LEDs, but after that anything goes! It is like doodling with a pen, but with thread instead.


Monica said...

This looks fun! I still have a mental block about free embroidery like that. I think it's like writer's block. I look at the bare fabric and my mind goes blank.

Metanoia said...

I think I'll do two examples for the pattern & kit, one with machine stitching and one with hand embroidery, so hopefully enough ideas to get the creative juices going. Then a blank template people can print out and draw on with pencil first before the stitching starts.

I added to it more last night and it is about 1/3 covered in embroidery now. I might post another photo tonight.